Boarding Schools in Arunachal Pradesh

Boarding Schools in Arunachal Pradesh

As the state of AP is well-known of having the finest education destination in India and have so many heritage schools and universities that make AP as an ideal destination for boarding school education.

With utmost love and care the Boarding Schools in AP aims at providing the world’s best education. The boarding schools in AP provide education for students in a healthy atmosphere which helps in providing an all-round personality development.

The academics aims at providing the best education through developing skills of every individual through regular reference work in the library. Additionally, the sporting activities, arts and crafts, co-curriculum, and music is made compulsory for each student at boarding schools in AP to make certain that every individual becomes healthy, confident and smart individuals.

Here, at boarding schools in AP, audio-visual aids are incorporated in the constant teaching advancement. The boarding schools of AP believe in visual learning creating a positive impact on the budding minds of students. Hence, the teaching turns out to be fascinating if they are taught differently rather merely making the use of usual textbook teaching.


At the boarding schools in AP Yoga and Art of Living is performed to inculcate the Indian values in their students. It is believed that Yoga is much more than a mere activity; it teaches the way of living, therefore, it is mandatory for every individual at Boarding schools in AP.

Smart Classroom

boarding school in arunachal pradeshThe concept of a smart classroom is also very common in the Boarding School in AP. The school authority has put a checkpoint on spacious and digital classrooms along with a comfortable sitting arrangement provided with desks and chairs. Classes are fitted with all types of modern amenities. LCDs, projectors, computers, digital library etc provide an interacting environment to students. It helps the students to play with facts and figures and also to argue with them in a huge number.

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The Education Scenario of State

boarding school in arunachal pradeshWith an average literacy rate of 66.96% AP follows 10+2 system of school education is which is divided into primary school (1-5), middle school (6-8) and secondary school (9-10). Classes 11-12 are considered as the higher secondary stage of education with English as the medium of instruction. The state is considered as the home to a number of around 137 Pre-Primary Schools, 1280 Primary School, 329 Middle Schools, 103 High Schools and 68 Higher Secondary Schools. International Schools are also famous in this state.

Arunachal Pradesh – At a Glance

Known as the land of rising sun, AP lies in northeast India. With Itanagar as the capital city, it is also known as the Orchid State of India. AP is the largest state amongst all the north-eastern states. It is spread over an area of 83,743 sqkm. The state borders with foreign countries: Bhutan in the west, China in the north and Burma in the east and within the country AP borders the states of Assam in the south and Nagaland in the east and southeast. A wide range of topographical variations, vegetation, and wildlife is found in this of India. English is the official language of the state.

The Topography Of the State

boarding school in arunachal pradeshAP covers an area of 83,743 sqkm. At its highest peak, the topography rises to 7000m. Some of the highest peaks are Kangte, Nyegi Kangsang, the main Gorichen peak and the Eastern Gorichen peak. Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Dibang, Lohit and Noa-Dihing rive are some of the major rivers flowing n this area.During summer snow from snowcaps are gets melted adding water to these rivers. Dong Basti and Vijaynagar basis receives the first-morning sun rays in the entire country

Overview of the climatic of the state

Depending upon the altitude climate in AP ranges from a humid sub-tropical, subtropical highland to alpine climate. The lower belt of the state experience a hot and humid climate with a maximum temperature during summer in the foothills reaching to 40 °C while the temperature in the winter ranges from 15° to 21 °C. Snowfall during winter is common in the higher regions of AP. The monsoon season starts from May to September.The temperature during the monsoon remains between  22° and 30 °C. The average rainfall recorded in this region is around 300 centimeters.

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Boarding School In Arunachal Pradesh

Blue Pine Residential English School

Blue Pine Residential English School


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