Boarding Schools in Manipur

Boarding Schools in Manipur

One of the best periods in an individual’s life is the school life. With lasting friendship, life-changing decisions, everlasting memories an individual starts to climb the ladder of life. Since schools serve as a base in an individual’s life, it is most important to select the best school to study and the Boarding Schools in Manipur fully serve this purpose.

A number of academic activities generally for the class X students are served at the Boarding Schools in Manipur to make an individual grow according to the global world scenario. Some of the activities are below mentioned: 

  • Two pre-board examinations
  • Counseling, encouraging, motivation to the board candidates
  • Enrichment programs for the brighter students
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology practical conducted
  • Practical skills for the class X final test conducted
  • Computer education to students from (VI to xii)

Boarding Schools in Manipur aims to provide the best education through modern amenities and technically equipped labs and classrooms. The facilities provided by the Boarding Schools of Manipur:

  1. Big campus
  2. Medical facilities
  • Routine check-ups of children,
  • Staff nurse meet the medical needs of the children arising from minor injuries, accidents, and illness,
  • Emergency cases are immediately taken to the hospital to refer to qualified doctors, different health programs guided by doctors
  1. boarding schools in manipurMess- The system is regularized by a mess committee who supervise the
  • Quality and quantity of food given to the children
  • Preparation and cooking of food in Mess
  • Suggest different ways for local purchase of fresh vegetables from the market, reduction in wastage of food
  • Maintaining discipline and cleanliness in and around the dining hall
  1. boarding schools in manipurHostel
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls
  • Hygienic rooms with bathrooms
  • Good light fittings
  • Common room for students to meet at their free time

Smart Classroom

As we live in a digital world with computers becoming the part of life creating a tremendous impact in individual’s communication with each other, groups and organization, sharing information and knowledge in a global way has become much easier and hence, the Boarding Schools in Manipur have digital classrooms making teaching more effective and student-centered. The classrooms at the Boarding Schools in Manipur are fitted with LCDs, Projectors, and smart boards. With big and spacious classrooms fitted with comfortable chairs and tables, the Boarding Schools in Manipur have computer labs with high-speed internet connectivity. The Boarding Schools in Manipur also has a big auditorium where seminars, debates, and workshop are conducted.

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Educational Scenario of the State

boarding schools in manipurEstimated literacy rate in Manipur is 79.85%. Schools in Manipur follow the 10+2+3 pattern of education where students enroll themselves general or professional degree programs after passing the Higher Secondary Examination (the grade 12 examination). Schools are run by the state, central government or by the private organizations. With first floating elementary school education, Manipur is considered as the home of Elementary education. Loktak Elementary Floating School in Loktak Lake is one of the best examples.

The medium of instruction in English.

Manipur – At a Glance

With Imphal as the capital city, Manipur is amongst one of the northeastern states of India. Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, and Burma (Myanmar) borders Manipur from North, South, West, and East. Including the Meitei (majority group in the state) Loi, Yaithibi, Kuki and Naga, the population of Manipur is 3 million. This group speaks Sino-Tibetan languages. Manipur has an agrarian economy which has a hydroelectric power generation potential. The home too many sports, Manipur is known for introducing polo to Europeans.

Manipuri is the official language of the state.

Topography of the State

boarding schools in manipurLying in the Northern Hemisphere Manipur covers a total area of   22.347 sq km. 90% of the state is on the hilly side while the rest 10% is slightly terrain and rugged giving a cup-shaped to the landscape. The mountain ranges which acts a great barrier prevent cold winds and protect the land from onshore of the cyclone that comes from the Bay of Bengal.

The Barak River Basin, the Manipur River Basin, the Yu River Basin, and a portion of the Lanye River Basin are the four river basins in Manipur.

Overview of the climatic of the state

Manipur has a tropical and alpine climate. The seasons are divided into four:

  • Summer Season: Summers in the hilly region of Manipur are very pleasant and soothing with a mean temperature not exceeding more than 28 °C. This season starts from March and lasts till May. Days are generally sunny and by the end of evening cold wind starts to blow.
  • Monsoon season:The season starts from June and lasts till mid-October. Monsoon emerges from the Bay of Bengal and the average rainfall recorded is around 1467.5mm 
  • Winter season:Winters are extreme but not equal in every region due to varying elevation and latitude. Winter starts from November and continues till February with temperatures varying from 8 °C. to 0°C or much below.

Manipur does not have any spring or autumn season.

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