Boarding Schools in Sikkim

Boarding Schools in Sikkim

Along with a holistic development of a child, the Boarding Schools in Sikkim includes the best education, personality, and life skill development & leadership qualities in a student so that they can face the competitive world. The Boarding Schools in Sikkim helps students to prepare themselves for school education and for competitive exams.

The academics and various extra-curricular activities make students more and more creative, independent, innovative thinkers, confident, articulate communicators and above all compassionate and ethical leaders. Students at the Boarding Schools in Sikkim develop the art of balancing an increasingly complex outer world with a rich inner life.

Handled with love and care the Boarding Schools in Sikkim gives proper attention towards the health of a child and hence has a separate medical hall with the facility of first aid box. Proper health check-ups of students are also done on a routine basis. The Boarding Schools in Sikkim are also connected with good hospitals where a student suffering from any major disease is taken care.

boarding schools in sikkim

Smart Classroom

The Boarding Schools in Sikkim also has a separate hostel facility for boys and girls along with bus facility to take the children from one place to another within or outside the campus. The Boarding Schools in Sikkim also has a mess facility maintain a good quality of food remains the concern of the school’s authority.

The entire campus of the Boarding Schools in Sikkim is Wi-Fi connected providing a global access to the students. The management at the Boarding Schools in Sikkim has accepted the concept of smart class with classrooms having   LCDs, Projector, computers with high-speed internet along with good and attractive interiors.

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boarding schools in sikkimFor a child to grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually academics along with extra and co-curricular activities are also necessary. Hence, the boarding school in Sikkim provides extracurricular activities like music, dance, creative writing, foreign language courses and Yoga remaining the art of living. Sports being the most important extra-curricular activities help the students to mix up with the students of different schools through inter-school sports which help them to know the various types of people outside the school’s premises. 

Educational Scenario of the State

 boarding schools in sikkimSikkim’s literacy rate is 82.2%. The school education in Sikkim is divided into Primary School, Secondary School, Pre University/ College with 1,157 schools. Schools run either by the state government (765 schools), central government (7 schools) or private schools (385 schools).  Schools are either affiliated to SSEB, CBSE or ICSE. Computer learning courses are one of the integral wings of the education within Sikkim. The medium of instruction is English.

Sikkim – At a Glance

Sikkim is among the 7 northeastern states in India. Sikkim borders the Autonomous Region of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, West Bengal in the north and east, east, west, and south respectively. Siliguri Corridor near Bangladesh also has some parts of Sikkim. Sikkim is the second smallest Indian states with least population and Gangtok the capital and the largest city. The Khangchendzonga National Park covers almost 35% of the state. 

Nepali, Sikkimese, Lepcha, Tamang, Limbu, Newari, Rai, Gurung, Magar,Sunwar, and English are the 11 official languages of Sikkim making it aa multiethnic and multilingual with the state. Nepali and English are the official languages while the main religion is the Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Topography of the State

boarding schools in sikkimSikkim is characterized by mountainous terrain as most of the Sikkim is found in the Himalayan Mountains. Sikkim has mountain peaks (28), glaciers (80 ), high-altitude lakes, hot springs(5), rivers and streams(100). Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal are connected to the state by the eight mountain passes.

The summit of Kanchenjunga is the state’s most noteworthy pinnacle arranged on the fringe amongst Sikkim and Nepal. In the greater part of Sikkim, patio cultivating is polished in light of the rough, sharp inclines. Teesta is the major river flowing from north to south. Forest covers about one-third of the state.

Sikkim’s hot springs (about 50°C) which have high sulphur content are renowned for their medicinal and therapeutic values. 

Overview of the climatic of the state

Sikkim has a sub-tropical to tundra climate in the south and north respectively with five seasons: winter (0 °C to below 0°C), summer (28 °C), spring, autumn and monsoon (between June and September). This region receives regular snowfall and the snow line ranges from 6,100 meters in the south to 4,900 meters in the north.

 Because of the high altitude, the peaks are frozen year-round in north-western Sikkim. Heavy rains and fog increases the risk of landslides leading to interrupted transportation during monsoon and winters

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Boarding Schools in Sikkim

Tashi Namgyal Academy

Tashi Namgyal Academy


Tashi Namgyal Academy Boarding School in Gangtok, Sikkim Address: Zero Point, P.O. Raj Bhawan, Gangtok, Sikkim 737103 Phone: 03592 202 406 Email:

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